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JiangSu Green Full Garden Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of knot and knotless nets. As a efficient agriculture system with a net of professional net company including the anti-bird net, shade net, cucumber net,yam net (Climbing net), wind net , the company is a modern new enterprise with import and export rights, the company has10 sets imported from West Germany KARLMAYER advanced warp knitting machine and weaving fishing nets, with advanced R & D and production team that has a strong passion and interest in developing new anti-bird net, shade net, cucumber net, net fabrics. the company has a number of national inventions and utility model patent of net products, and has applied China's largest textile place ?and named of the trademark "hutangqiao" which has approved for using by relevant national authority


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Contact: Damon

Phone: +86 13961100213

Tel: +86 519 89629006

Add: Beizhuang Zone,Lijia Town,Wujin Area,Changzhou,China

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